Crawford Brewing Equipment

Quality Equipment, Made in the U.S.A.

Crawford Brewing provides micro-brewers with functional and aesthetically pleasing equipment on time and within budget.

Typical Product Offering Includes:

  • 7,15,or 30 barrel steam fired brewhouse.
  • Oversized steam heated mash tun with motorized mash mixer
  • 25 gallon grant/hop back with wedge wire false bottom
  • Laser cut support grid system fitted with six removable wedge wire screens
  • Brew kettle has three zones of heating producing a great boil
  • Center drain for easy trub removal
  • Thirty barrel steam heated hot liquor tank
  • Custom fitted brewers platform
  • Custom fitted 2- head keg washer, incorporated within system, available as affordable option
  • Also included are all pumps, valves, heat exchanger, process pipe, and controls to make complete unit.
  • All heads and tanks are #4 Stainless Steel finish

 We also offer optional:

  • 7, 15 & 30 BBL Fermenters 
  • 7, 15 & 30 BBL Brite Tanks 
  • 30 & 45 BBL CLT 
  • Custom Built Vessels 
  • Hoppers & Grain Handling Assistance

Crawford offers standard and customized systems made to order, including installation and technical support. Crawford's team also provides start-up assistance, if needed, for the initial batches of brewing.

From design to completion, you can count on Crawford Brewing!

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Brew Tank Division 


Keith Gerks, Division Manager and Sales, 309-788-4573 or 309-230-9292

Steve Zuidema, Brewery Design and Sales, 563-940-5501

Andy DeWulf, PE, 309-788-4573

Steve Zuidema has over 20 years of experience within the brewing industry, including system design and installation. Keith Gerks has 20 years of experience with specialty and custom fabrication projects.