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Crawford's Comfort Products Compliment Your Home

Welcome to Crawford Comfort Products - Designed with Health In Mind! Crawford provides home comfort products and accessories that compliment your new and existing HVAC Systems.

Upgrade your home by improving the quality of the air inside. Humidifiers help you control air moisture; ventilators bring fresh air into your home; air filters clean the air before it circulates; ultraviolet lamps help keep coils cleaner; and carbon monoxide alarms measure and detect CO levels in the home. Save energy and money with our Comfort Product Controls: Evolution and Preferred Series thermostats, remote access control, and Legacy Pefect Zone Control. Other Comfort Products, from Crawford, include: mini split air conditioners and heat pumps, air conditioning covers, chimney liners, and our Crawford Comfort Maintenance Plan.
The products contained on this site are a sampling of home comfort items and accessories. Crawford's sales team offers a wide variety of options by various manufacturers. For general furnace and air conditioning product info, visit our Home Comfort HVAC page or the Bryant website or Comfort Products Follow:
CO Detectors
Protect your family and pets against dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide
PerfectAir Bypass Humidifier
Bryant's Preferred Bypass Humidifier works as a value-add to your heating system, relying on the furnace blower to deliver moisture vapor throughout your home.
PerfectAir Purifier
Bryant's ultra-reliable Perfect Air Purifier works to capture and kill dangerous bacteria, viruses and mold, safeguarding the air quality of your entire home. Indoor air is re-purified, not just filtered, as often as eight times each hour.
Media Air Cleaner
Compatible with any HVAC system, the HC16 provides your family with hospital-grade filtration of airborne allergens and other particles. It's also very efficient and adds no cost to the running of your heating and cooling systems.
Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators offer effective ventilation for warmer and colder climates. These systems bring fresh outdoor air in, through a heat exchanger, and exhausts stale air from your home.
UV Germicidal Lights
Bryant's Preferred UV Lamp attacks and kills mold and bacteria that can grow in moist heating and cooling systems, then circulate through your home. Silent operation enhances your family's comfort and health.
Thermostat, Controls
Crawford offers a variety of thermostats and controls; Bryant's Evolution and Preferred Series are featured at this link.
Comfort Maintenance Plan
Crawford Company's Residential HVAC - Comfort Maintenance Plan, maintains your Comfort System's warranty, prolongs the life of your equipment and ensures your Comfort System performs at optimum efficiency. The customer benefits include: hassle free appoin
Remote Access Control
You will be able to access your Evolution® System from anywhere with internet access. By logging into a unique URL you will be able to communicate with your system. The Remote Access allows individuals to override settings for a set period of time.
Air Conditioning Covers
Air conditioner covers are an integral part of regular maintenance. They are the best way to keep the leaves, rain, wind, and dirt out during the off season.
Chimney Liner Kit
A home with a brick chimney can experience condensation seeping through the brick and into the home. An aluminum chimney liner kit can stop this problem.
Perfect 3-Zone Control
The energy-efficient Legacy Zone Perfect 3-Zone Control thermostat regulates temperature and humidity in up to 3 zones, adjusting comfort levels to specific areas. It offers either programmable or non-programmable versatility, too.
A/C Renew
A/C Re-New is a remarkable breakthrough in lubrication technology for residential and commercial air conditioning systems that dramatically improves the performance and efficiency of your unit. It is a synthetic oil that is injected into your air conditio
Nest Learning Thermostat
Thermostats control about half your energy bill, but only 11% of them are programmed to save energy. They're just too complicated. So we made Nest simple. That's why 99% of Nests have custom schedules. Nest programs itself in a week and turns itself down